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Expert Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

Jon Towne and Russ Cripe had the opportunity to be guest speakers on a pod cast with our friends at Boss Services out of Benton Harbor, MI. They specialize in Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and 1-Day Bathroom remodeling. Click the link above to take a listen and see how you can try to prevent and correct water and flood damage, fire and storm damage, mold issues and more.

Here’s our episode at a glance:
(3:34) – Jon and Russ talk about how they got into the fire and water damage industry and how long they’ve been doing it

(4:50) – What are the biggest causes of water damage?

(8.25) – The guys share their tips for discovering the cause of a leak

(10:49) – What is their most common call? How quickly does mold set in?

(12:21) – What does a typical clean-up procedure look like?

(15:10): Tips Jon and Russ give to homeowners in general, specifically why plumber shut off tags are super important

(16:58): The pros and cons of the restoration business

(19;24): Best storm prep advice. Hint: it’s the simple things that matter

(22:03): How you can reach Jon and Russ if you have a watery vent.

(24:10): Jon and Russ reinforce the importance of getting inspections, plus they’re free of charge so don’t neglect the problem! Have it looked at to prevent it from becoming an invasive issue. Pro Tip: Just make the call!